Concrete Additives and Cement Admixtures

Concrete additives and cement admixture Philadelphia PA

Concure Admixture

Concure Admixture is a liquid, water-based,waterproofing used to replace externally applied treatments for protecting concrete structures against moisture transmission. Concure Admixture is added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or can be added on site.  Concure Admixture becomes an integral and permanent part of the concrete slab.

Benefits: Eliminates moisture problems, increases strength, reduces curling and hairline cracks.  Accelerates the curing process to receive floor covering more quickly.

Concure Plus Admixture

Concure Plus Admixture is a ready to use,liquid concrete waterproofing admixture containing a blend of organic and inorganic chemicals for replacing externally applied treatments to protect concrete structures against moisture transmission. Concure Plus Admixture is added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or can be added on site. Concure Plus Admixture generates non-soluble mineral formations and insoluble membranes in pores, capillaries and micro-cracks becoming an integral component within the concrete.

Benefits: Eliminates moisture problems, reduces curling, retains water within the concrete for curing, reduces moisture vapor emission rate and permanently blocks water penetration from any direction. Concure Plus Admixture is chloride, nitrate and sodium free.

Concrete Vapor Barriers

Concure Vapor Barrier

Concure Vapor Barrier is a topical,two-step, moisture mitigation application consisting of a liquid surface treatment andpolymeric cementitious system.  Concure Vapor Barrier is Environmentally safe.

Benefits: Compatible with all adhesives and floor finishes. Zero VOC’s, no odor, environmentally safe. System dries overnight for next day installation.


Concure Epoxy Vapor Barrier

Concure Epoxy Vapor Barrier is areactive, two-component, moisture mitigation coating to stop moisture and vapor emissions on existing concrete. Concure Epoxy Vapor Barrier is available in curing times from four hours to 24 hours. Concure Epoxy Vapor Barrier has minimal odor and does not contain solvent.

Benefits: Can be formulated to cure at low temperatures and from four hours, for fast track systems, to 24 hours to meet project installation needs. Suitable as a primer for all resinous and floor covering systems. Minimal odor.


Concure 401 Vapor Barrier

Concure 401 Vapor Barrier is a 3-component, water based, epoxy system applied topically to green concrete to stop moisture and reduce vapor emissions. Concure 401 Vapor Barrier is effective for cure and seal applications.

Benefits: Zero VOC’s, water based system, quick drying, very low viscosity for deep penetrating into a concrete slab. Moisture and alkali resistant. Helps cure and seal new concrete.


Concrete Sealants

Concrete masonry sealant Philadelphia PA

Concure Flooring Sealant

Concure Flooring Sealant is a polymer modified, water based sealer that stops ground moisture from penetrating concrete substrates. Concure Flooring Sealant reduces absorption of water and deleterious salts.

Benefits: Compatible with all adhesives and primers. Increases the bonding capabilities of primers and adhesives to concrete slabs. Reduces alkalinity of green concrete.


Concure Masonry Sealant

Concure Masonry Sealant is a ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating surface sealer specifically formulated for all types of above grade mineral substrates. Concure Masonry Sealant is ideal for natural masonry surfaces such as stucco, brick, limestone, block, etc.

Benefits: Water based system that beads water to maintain a dry look surface. Designed for vertical applications and light traffic horizontal applications. Stops moisture and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

Concrete Primers and Cleaners

Concure WBP

Concure WBP is atopically applied, 3-component water based epoxy primer to enhance the adhesion of coatings over concrete. Concure WBP is effective at reducing pH of fresh cementitious skim coats and dusting of self-leveling toppings and underlayments.

Benefits: Very low viscosity for deep penetration,Zero VOC’s, reduces surface pH, water based, low odor, and helps consolidate weak cementitious underlayments so 100% solid coatings will adhere.

Concure EPO

Concure EPO is a specially formulated, 100 percent solids epoxy primer designed specifically tobond and adhere to concrete with oily residue. Concure EPO treats and seals the concrete with, or without, additional covering.

Benefits: Adheres to concrete slabs with an oil residue. Compatible with subsequent coatings when used as a primer.

Concure EZ Clean

Concure EZ Clean is an industrial soap for treating, removing and cleaning heavy oil and grease from concrete.

Benefits: Used for removing oil, grease, dirt and laitance from heavily soiled areas of concrete, painted or unpainted metal surfaces.

Concrete primer and concrete sealant Phialdelphia PA


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